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Links and Affiliates

Want to be a link or affiliate? Below are the requirements.

  • We show your site in our link/affiliate page and you show us in your link/affiliates page(s).
  • You must have an image around 88x31 for your site. If you don't have an image a text link will be provided, if you do get an image later on please let us know.
  • Your site MUST be zoids related or related to something on the site. Some examples are sprites and video games.
  • We will give you a ten day time limit for you to add us to your site. When the time limit is up and you haven't added us to your site the link/affiliation will be cancelled.
  • Please send your info to the site admin by the contact page. Please put your site name would like to link/affiliate with Zoids Lair into your e-mail subject bar. Please give us up to ten days to add you to our link/affiliates page.
  • Please announce that you have added us to your site on your home page as we will do the same.

NOTE: These might change without notice.
NOTE2: ALL links open in a new window or tab.
NOTE3: I visit each of the sites thru here on a regular basis.

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Feel free to use one of our linking buttons and supporting banners, All you have to do is copy the URL of the one you want and place on a forum, site, ect.


credit goes to Kuro-chan for the banner

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