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review pending

This page will show all of the site updates.


Sorry for lack of updates I'm taking a small break on the sprites. However tomorow is the big celebration day for ZL and will be partying in the forums. If you want to join the party but don't have a membership you can sign up in a few easy steps in no time.


I hope everybody is doing well for a Monday. Just a reminder that our event is right around the corner so don't miss out. Members intrestead in submitting?some fanart and modeling tips can send it in by the forums. I would like to welcome our new affiliate Generation Zi, it's a good roleplaying place.

Here is a list of the newest sheets in the legacy section.

Berserk Fury
Strum Fury
Jagd Fury
Berserk Fury Z
Killer Dome
Liger Zero
Liger Zero Schneider
Liger Zero Jaeger
Liger Zero Panzer
Liger Zero Empire
Liger Zero X


I added in four new sheets in the legacy section.

Overworld Clouds
Overworld Water
Map Screen
Shop and Weapons Background

I also added in a new affiliate called Masters of Zi. It's a great site to find nice info on the cartoons and some other stuff. Ligerzero13 is owner of MOZ and is currently in the middle of redesigning it and adding in content.


I hope everybody had a good holiday break before getting back into things. I changed the downloads and fan art sections a little bit. Plans for a new skin/theme for the forums is in the works along with some other new things for it. I have decided to let people send in gaming guides click here for more details.


A new year already to start out fresh!! We're going to celebrating ZL's first year online near the end of month in the forums so come on in and help us throw it off with a bang.


I was going thru the sheets and I noticed that I left some mistakes on some of the sheets. I fixed weapons sheets 1 and 2 and the republic and imperial sheets.


I would also like to wish everybody happy holiday wishes.


I added another new link that goes to the rustysalamander. Rustysalamander is a great place that has reviews, pictures and custom models.


Added 19 new sheets to the zoids legacy in the game section. Added a new tip to the modeling tips, new FAQ, reworded some stuff in the link/affiliate and contact sections. Completed the about ZL page. Added eight new links to the link/affiliation section. All of the new links have great content and images.

triple s
genohydra ka
sheild liger dcj
sheild liger dc
saber tiger at
rev hunter
cannontort bc
bloody demon


New sheets in the works. I've also decided to add a fan art section, comic section, sagads sprite page, and an about us pages. More links will be added soon.


Added the new banner up. Sorry it took so long to put up.


I've decidided to take a break on some stuff that I've been working so I can come back and work on ZL.


This isn't really much of an update but I just wanted to let others know that the place is still active all tho the forums arn't. It might be sometime before more sprite sheets are up I've been busy with a lot of stuff.


A new month already!!!! Things are going smoothly all around. I was thinking of a zoids sprite comic section but I'm not sure yet. You would be able to to send in your comics for others too see. Also I've been thinking of a fan art section. If anybody is intrestead send me an e-mail :).


I have been working on the new banner I just need to work on it a little bit more. I'll be updating the sprite pack soon but after this update I'll be updating it at the end of each month. Also it the works is some more linking banners and buttons. The sprite sections might be rearanged a little bit, one being going by teams and model numbers. Some of the HUGE sheets being split up for easyer viewing and loading.


I've been pretty busy for the past few weeks. Also if you were having problems getting on a few days ago everything is fixed now. I might have some new sheets up in a few weeks.


A whole new month for updates!!! I had to fix something in the link/affiliation section so all the links should go to the right place. Stay tuned into Zoids Lair for all of your zoids spriting/modeling needs!!!!


I have an announcement to make for the month we have had over 300 hits!!!! Also the banner has been removed to make way for a new one.


Update on the template is complete!!!! There might be another update soon but should go a little faster. More stuff will be showing up in other places of the site soon.


I have added a new link called Sprite Database which is a great place for all of sprites, backgrounds, sounds, and more. Some of our sprites have been posted there from yours truely. Also I'll be doing some more tweaking on the links/affiliations page soon.


Sorry for a little lack in updates I've been busy working on a ton of stuff. Progress on the template update is about half way done. The sprite pack is going to be updated soon possibley with some adjust ments. The archive updating is complete.


I have decided to hold off on somethings for a bit like the banner and the archive section being updated. Why I'm doing this is that I have decided to update the template on the sheets a little bit.


The zoids game section is complete at the moment. The banner will be coming down in a few days while a new will be made.

Things added in

  • New faq.
  • Updated the two sheets in Customs and out of game recolors section.
  • Added 5 new sheets in the sagaII/legacy game section.


Added a little interactive section that has a poll in it. Please note that this might be temp. area. Over the next couple of days I'll be editing the archive section for easier reading.


I'm very proud to announce our first affiliate called Metroid Headquarters. Metroid Headquarters is a place full of friendly people that has great knowledge of the games that make up the metroid series, they also have there own fan game and art sections. MHQ will make a great addition to any game or metroid related site. MHQ is a great place for any metroid lover. If you ever join them tell them Superliger sent ya.


Sorry for the little down time we had today. After the site came back up I was playing around with a blog that we could use for updates and other stuff but I'm not sure if I'll be keeping it. I have decided not to use it.


Edited some stuff in the affiliation section


Added a new faq to the faqs section.

Added two more links toywave which is a toy buying site that sells zoids and has great pics?and then phenotypes zoids site which has a ton of zoids pics and reviews.


Planning on the reconstruction of the link/affiliation section has begun due to the linking problems we have been having. Other sections of the game pages in the zoids games section will be opening soon.

Site additions

  • A Modeling Tips section has been added.
  • A customs and out of game recolors page has been added to the game section. The two new custom sheets from yesterday have been moved to this section.
  • Added a link to great review and building site for zoids and gundom models.


Wow it's a already a new month!!! I have new custom zoid sprites in the fuzors section thes are one of a kind. I'm afraid our forums are nearly dead as a result of my hard drive failing, I'm trying my best to keep it going by my self and 1/5 members.


Added stuff to the archive page and now have just seven things in the update area. We currently have 25 sprite sheets and counting.


I had to replace my hard drive I have everything copied over to the new one. I'll be working hard to get some new updates up. Our forums need a little reviving people are more then welcome to join.


ZL isn't dead but the sprite pack is going to be delayed until further notice, I've been having some hard drive problems so once the problem is fixed ZL will be a lot more active.


Sorry for the lack of daily updates. I've been trying to do new stuff to the sprites but hasn't quite worked yetthe way I wanted it to.


I have an announcement to make....the first sprite pack will be coming at the end of the month!!!!


Added some stuff to the faqs.


Adding in a custom sprite page and added in some stuff to the download section and there is more to come.


Added in a web ring with our link ligers union which will link us to other zoids sites.


Added in a download and faqs sections which is going to have some cool stuff in it once i get some stuff up on them.


?Updated the sprite total for the saga fuzors sprite section.


I have updated the konig wolf and konig wolf DSR  in the legacy section. I have also added the fuzors versions of the wolfs to the fuzors section.


Updated some stuff in the contact page.


I have added the firstfour new sheets to the saga fuzors game section I?have added?both versions of the Konig Wolf MKII and both versions of the Heavy Arms Konig Wolf. The Heavy Arms version is an in game recolor of the white and orange versions because it isn't the default or base colors of the ones in the game. However they do have a model of the blue version and that is why I did a sheet of the blue. I have also updated the sheet total in the game section.


Updated and hanged some stuff to the cantact page. I also fixed the the misalignment on the home page.


Today makes the site one month old, and many more to come.

  • Changed the update section on the home page to News and Updates.


Removal and adjustments of the subscribtions and member section?is now complete.

  • Fixed broken links in the links section.


Setup on the upcoming sprite pages are complete.

  • Just a reminder that the members section and subscribtions for the site will be closing on Sunnday. This might reopen later in time.


Added upcoming sprite pages for both saga I and saga fuzors. We have also passed 100 posts in the forums :).


We have another new link!!! The new link goes to a site called Generation Zi it's a great zoids roleplaying site and if you like zoids roleplaying this is the site for you.


Oh boy where do I start for todays updates? I know lets start by welcoming our first offical link Ligers Union!!! Ligers Union is an awsome little place!!! They have?some zoid reviews that have some pictuers of the models and they tell you how hard they are to build and if there any problems with the kits, great for first time builders. LU also has a great collection of dvd screenshots from the shows.....brings back great memories.

  • Updated the Konig Wolf DSR sheet and Zeke sheet.
  • Added Konig Wolf and Whale King sheet.
  • Updated total count to legacy sheets.


Added our new banner, needs a little adjusting tho.

  • Added the banner to the forums.
  • Updated the liger zero sheet.
  • Added an affiliating/linking button, which can be found in the?links/affiliates page.
  • Added Zeke to the legacy section.


Fixed the mis alignment.


Added the berserk Fury and CAS sheet.

  • Updated the sprite count to a total count of 17 sheets.


Added the Liger Zero and CAS sheet.

  • Updated the sprite count to a total count of 16 sheets.


Added our first character sheet Pulse the organoid.

  • Updated the sprite count to a total count of 15 sheets.
  • Added game save link to the saga II/legacy section.
  • Did a little more cleaning up.


A little bit of cleaning up.


The subscribtion update section will be closing by the end the end of the month. I might reconsider reopening it at a later time. The signing up for a forum membership will stay open.


Added some stuff to the link/affiliate section.


Added some more sud-bourds and move some topics around.


Added comic section to the forums.


Development on the site/forum banner and link to us/affiliate with us?banner has begun.


Added links to the game guides, cheat codes, and game saves to the zoids saga II/legacy


We were down for about an hour due to some tech problems but we're back up and running at full power. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

  • We had the most visits to ZL yesterday :)
  • ALL home game pages are done, links will be inserted when the time is right.


Changed the layout of the front page.

  • The hit counter has disappeared but should be back up soon.
  • Setup on the Links and Affiliates has begun.
  • The hit counter is back up and running.
  • Fixed some mistakes on the Snipe Master A-Shield and Gun Sniper sheets.


Updated the sheet total in the zoids II/legacy section to 14.

  • Added Snipe Master A-Shield?sheet and Gun Sniper sheet.


Finished template for the zoids II/legacy section.


Added Trinity Liger sheet to the zoids II/legacy section.


Added three new sheets to the zoids II/legacy section.

  • Subscribtions for site/forum updates are now open.
  • Past six updates have been moved to the archive section.


Updated the rules in the forums.


Changed the way you get to login and to transfer to the forums.


Added a sprite sheet total to the Zoids Saga II/Legacy home page.


The forums are mostly completed and skins are being tested.


Added an Archive page to show past updates.


Added sprite section and sprite sheets to the Zoids Saga II/Legacy home page.


Moved our forums to proboards. I have added a link to the forums in the forums section.


The day the site was created.

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