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Zoids: Models

Zoids is short for Zoic Androids. Zoids is a franchise based around a series of plastic toy models designed and produced by a Japanese toy company that was once called Tomy now it is called Takara-Tomy. Tomy started releasing models in 1982, the models come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The kits also allow you to customize them with additional weapons and armor or in some cases addinal Zoids. Most of the models are in 1:72 scale. The models come with a wind-up or a battery-powered motor to power moveable features. Some of the Zoids models don't use a motor. The kits feature snap-together construction and precolored parts. The kits didn't require gluing or painting, to me that is the best part because you can build them just about anywhere at any time.

There is a total of 26 model lines. Sadley only a few of them are still releasing model kits. Mostley the HMM's and rereleases of the old zoids in different colors.


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