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1. Question: Can I use these sprites as an avatar, signater, ect?

Answer: Sure you can, as long as you give credit.

2. Question: What is the diffirence between recolors and out of game recolors?

Answer: In most of the Zoids Saga games you can change the colors of your Zoid. Out of game recolors are recolors of the color choices that doesn't show up in the game. The out of game recolors are actually colors that some of the Zoids models are in. An example of this would be the Storm Sworder Jet the black and purple colors aren't in the game but are colors from an actual model.

3. Question: I saw on your sheets that it was done by Supersamus/Superliger, Who are they?

Answer: They are the same person. They are my other forum names that I use at other places.

4. Question: How do I submit in some fan art or a Zoid comic?

Answer: You can post it our forums. Please note not all of them will be accpeted.

5. Question: I own a site and would like to link/affiliate with you, How do I do that?

Answer: Please visit our link/affiliation page for all the needed info.

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