new sheets
Posted by Superliger on October 06 2011
Next batch of sheets are up and waiting for you to enjoy them. The zoids sprites are almost done to have at least one of everything not counting Zoids Saga I which means more sprites of other things will be rolling in.

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Extended News

Hayate Liger
Mugen Liger
Energy Liger
Black Impact Blade Liger AB
NJR Energy Liger
Geno Trooper
Geno Scissors
Berserk Seismosaurus
White Sword Wolf
NJR Energy Ray
Leon Toros Blade Liger AB
Bio Kentro
Leo Striker
Gojulas Giga
Gojulas Giga Cannon
Geno Hydra
Forest and Night Fight Blade Liger AB
White Sword Wolf (Bio Crusher)
Bamburian (Grand Star)
Dark Spiner
Iron Kong