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review pending
One month already
NewsWell it's been one month so far on the new site. So far the new site has had 587 unique visits not bad so far. More updates to come soon ;).
Models section closed
ModelsThe Model section will be down for a while for some reconstruction.

Sprites back up plus new ones

The sprite sections are back up and open. As you can see all of the news icons as sprites from the games. The sprites that are in the news catagorys are in the sprite section in there sheet form. Each sprite will have it's own icon. For the first sprite update since the move there is a total of 14 new sheets, five of which is the first DS sprites only avilable here at Zoids Lair. Every sprite related update will be a list of the added sprites in the extended news which you can access by clicking on read more.

Edit: The sprites in the Legacy, DS, and fuzors sections open up in a new window/tab.

New affiliate added
Links/AffiliatesI would like to welcome The Sonic Zone to the affiliate section. The Sonic Zone?has?intresting?Sonic content including game manuals and cut scenes. Say you found your old copy of?Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and you didn't have the manual for it....not a problem they have a copy you can use. I won't spoil the rest for you so head down the the link/affiliation section to check them out.
Sprites down for a while
SpritesThe sprite sections will be down for awhile while I reconstuct them. Sorry for?the inconvenese......the wait will be well worth it.
ThemesGreat news everybody the theme is fully finished. I hope everybody likes it and it works perfectly on smaller screens and on huge screens.
New link buttons
Links/AffiliatesI made up a few buttons for some of our links. However I'm working on the link section so it doesn't look as messy.

I also added a new support banner made just for fourms.


EDIT: The link/affiliate page is all cleaned up.
ThemesI hope everybody likes the skin and the layout so far!!! However this is a default skin and I'm trying to figure out on how to make a new skin. The new skin will be in more of our forums colors.

EDIT: A?new theme is in place?and it almost fully finished.?Click on read more to?read some more news.
Zoids Lair unleashed

Welcome to the new version of Zoids Lair!!!

Due to some problems with freewebs I have decided to make a new version of ZL on another host. A few things that are better this way is No Ads, more than 20 pages, more space and bandwidth and best of all more content.

All the content that is on the other site has been transfered over. The forums that we are currently using will remain the same.

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