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Newest member

review pending
Spriting help

I'm in some much needed help with completing our misson. If you would like to help out here is what we need. Inside of buildings, towns, just about anywere you can go in the games this includes things such as overworld, ruins, ect. Battle backgrounds, sounds and music.

Zoids Saga
Zoids Legacy
Zoids Saga Fuzors
Zoids Saga DS

If you want to send something to us please do so by our community forums in the fan-art section. When you send in your submittion please include an icon with it. Here is the template for you to make your icon.


Over 100 sheets
SpritesI would like to annouce that we have passed our 100 mark with a total of 118 sheets up and avilable.

Please enjoy the new sheets.

more stuff to come soon.
New link added

I added a new link called Striker Unit. Stricker Unit is a Zoids site that has great pictures of Zoids models they have mostly Liger stuff but also have some stuff about other Zoids. It's a great site to look into. They are currently working on a new version of there site which to me looks really cool already.

Latest Zoids Releases panel
ModelsI would like to annouce the brand new Latest Zoids Releases panel. The panel will show up to ten releases. The list won't be in any pertical order.
new sheets

Good day everybody!!! Today I have nine new sheets for you to enjoy. Some of these sheets are plablably what some of you have been waiting for. I tweaked the sprite pages a bit to make them look better.

On a side note I also added my logo to the about ZL page. Please read the other update I posted for today as it will provide ZL and everybody else with tons of much needed info. I would also like to say that I've added a new modeling tip to the model section.

Click on read more to see a list of what the new sheets are.

Zoids game page enhancements

Attention ALL Zoids game lovers out there. I have decided to let people submit some stuff to ZL for the games pages. This would include things such as game walkthroughs, cheat codes such as gameshark and codebreaker. The game walkthroughs must be very clear and easy to follow. Remember 3 out of 4 of the games are in Japanese. Please use accurate translations of names of the characters, items, locations, Zoids parts, Zoids, controls for all of the menus is a must.

You may make your guides by notepad, microsoft word or PDF. If you use pictures please put them in .PNG format.

new ones

I have great news everyone new sheets are in the works and should be up in a few days. I would like to thank eveybody for being so patent with me.

EDIT: It's taking me a little bit longer then usual.

lack of updates
NewsSorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been super busy for a while. I should be able to start putting cool stuff up next month. Thank you for your paitence.
New Panel
NewsTo your left you see a new panel which will the newest member in the forums and what they think about ZL.
Model section is re-opened
ModelsThe model section has been opened backed up!!! You will be able to find basic info on Zoids along with a sprite of it that might link to the sprite section from the gam it first showed up in. A review section that you can send in by the forums. I have also added a new modeling tip. The rest of the constuction that I wanted to do will be in updates.
First Zoids DS sprites
SpritesI've been a little busy lately and working hard on the modeling section. I'm hoping to have the structure of the modeling section done by the end of the week or by the end of next week at the latest.

I'm proud to present you the first set of Zoids from Zoids Saaga DS not to mention the first ones to be online. I moved the Bloody Demon from Zoids Legacy to Zoids Fuzors because it has been updated with newer frames.

Click on read more to see the list of the sheets.
Latest Zoids Releases

Revoltech Zoids

HMM Dark Horn

Yamato Shield Liger

HMM Lightning Saix

HMM Blade Liger Mirage

HMM Liger Zero

HMM CP 016

HMM CP 017

HMM Great Saber

HMM Gun Sniper Naomi Special with Wild Weasel Unit