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Welcome to Zoids Lair!!!
Zoids Lair is YOUR number one stop for sprites, modeling, gaming, fun and more. We are the number one source of Zoids sprites on the web!!!
While you are enjoing your stay at ZL come and stop by our community forums
NewsSorry for the lack of updates, I've been really busy these days.I thank you for your patience and for sticking to Zoids Lair for all of your Zoids spritng needs.

If you want you can still sign up for your free membership to stay updated and to see what other Zoiders are talking about.
A few other things

I added another great custom from mikemasters. Mike finished off the reat of the dragoon nest sprite, it goes great along side of his whale kings.

Another great addition to spread out the excitement of the holidays is some snow but I decided to give it a ZL sence of style. Instead of using snowflakes I decided on using a mini Bio Pteras. I call it the attack of the Bio Pteras.

New games being added

I've decided to expand on to the gaming section a little bit the biggest part means more sprites to come. The pages for them aren't up yet but will be updated when they're available. Submittions are open for these games.

For Game Boy Color

Liger Zero: Mythical Silver Beast
Evil God Revived! Geno Breaker Story

For DS

Zoids Battle Colosseum
Zoids Dash

Mini update
NewsI hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and shopping weekend. Last week if you were having trouble accessing the site they are fixed now. I added a new sheet in the customs section and the complete overworld from zoids legacy just a warning though it's a wopping 10MBs (should be up later today). These sheets were sent in from mikemasters so a huge thanks goes out to him. That is all for now Thanks for visting Zoids Lair and remember to stop by the forums.
new sheets
SpritesNext batch of sheets are up and waiting for you to enjoy them. The zoids sprites are almost done to have at least one of everything not counting Zoids Saga I which means more sprites of other things will be rolling in.

Click on read more to find out what the new sheets are.
New avatars!!
Multi-MediaWe have our very first avatars on the multi-media page from ZL member Jammer Lea. They look great and can fit into anything very nicley. Many of our members enjoy use them. I would like to say a thank you shout out to jammer Lea for letting me use them on the site.
A little here and a little there
NewsHello folks!! It's been nice to update the site for a bit especialy after the problem we had in May. I've moved some of the links around a little bit. I've also expanded on the anime pages so check those out.

A few things on the tables at the moment is a sprite contest, possible redesign in the gaming area.

Please click read more for a mini update.
All fixed
NewsEverything is fixed and back to normal which means I can get back to doing everything. In the zoids legacy sprite section you might notice that the cursor doesn't change as if it was a normal link, they still work I just have to update them for the cursor to change which will be fixed when I add new sheets. I believe I have gotten rid of all of the question marks if there is found please e-mail me or contact me through the forums.

If anybody have info on models, anime, or something please send it through our forums.

Hello fellow Zoiders!! I want to say thanks for those staying with us. This is a tiny update to let people know that we are still alive and kicking. Updates will continue soon but due to lack of time I haven't been able to do much of anything. If if anybody is interested in submitting content please contact me by e-mail or community forums.


SL :)

Edit 5/4/2011

After having serious problems I have been able to restore everything and will be able to move ahead instead of moving backwards. The only thing that has changed for some reason is a bunch of question marks.

NewsSorry for the lack of updates but school has started agian but I'll get something up when I get the chance. You can submit stuff in by our forums.
New link added
Links/AffiliatesI would like to welcome our new link called momonga. Momonga has awsome info such as Dictionary, Battle Story, Zoids List, and Model Data. It's an awesome place worth checking out.
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